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This is a customer satisfaction survey page for [Smart guidance]. Please give us your feedback after using the [Smart guidance] by filling in the questionnaire form.
We will use your feedback for the improvement of our services.

■About the Questionnaire

 ▪You can only fill-out one time per person.
 ▪The questionnaire will end at Feb. 28th 2018.
 ▪Can take upto 5 minutes to fill-out, maximum of 8 questions.
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■About Private Policy

The private information collected within the questionnaire will only be used for below purposes and will be administered within our company.
 ▪We use your Personal Information only for evaluation, analysis and improving of the [Smart guidance].
※Personally identifiable information will not be used for analysis. The aggregated data will only be used to for reference to improvement of the service.
 ▪Please refer to Privacy policy for more information.